The Binding Posts

At PEAK, we cannot imagine anything worse than a signal path filled with brass, solder and other things that are cheap to build and degrades the sound quality. We prefer not to take any short cuts, but do it the hard, expensive and superior way.

Therefore the perfect way for the signal to enter any PEAK loudspeaker is through these custom build high end binding posts. No brass, no bronze and soldering in the signal path. Just prestine sound.


Optimized conductive binding posts:

  • From the inside the internal wiring is only crimped onto the binding post. No soldering in the signal path.

  • Pure copper with silver plating providing high conductivity (4-8 times higher than brass/Bronze).

  • Low mass/thin walled conductive part.

  • Higher cross-section than competing low mass designs.


New and innovative mechanical design:

  • High contact pressure due to optimized thread design.

  • Easy to tighten by hand and high contact pressure will be achieved.

  • High strength glass reinforced polymer used for nonconductive part to provide a unique combination of mechanical strength, high heat tolerance and low dielectric constant.

  • Solid aluminum “handle” with PEAK laser engraving.


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