The PEAK Cabinets

The master hands at PEAK craft some of the finest cabinets in the world. They basically have two goals:

  • They have to be beautifully crafted so they will their best in you room

  • They have dampen resonances, vibration and microphonics


The Function

Our cabinets are extremely heavy. Just look at the weight, it will most likely surplice you, as this is not normal. We use only HDF (High Density Fiberboard), not MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) like most other manufactures do. This dampens resonances more effective. In fact, PEAK speakers have up to 10 times less resonances and vibration than normal high end speakers. This translates to very heavy speakers. Needless to say, this is also very expensive to do. Which is why most manufactures don’t.

The front of the speaker is 3 layers of HDF, which has been glued together. We spend many our listing to even what difference the glue makes to sound, because it does affect the sound. We have tried carbon and other new materials, but these prove not very good for cabinets. This is way we go with the best option there is: HDF.

PEAK’s heavy, stiff and well build cabinets have the following improvements on the sound:

  • Very little or no coloration of the sound

  • Deep controlled bass

  • Much better imaging


The Finish

Virtually all other high end speakers use wood veneers. Not so at PEAK. Only solid hard woood is used(!). This can be up to 2” thick. This is truly remarkable and a testament to the way PEAK design and craft loudspeakers in the ultimate quality. The hard wood surface are then sanded 4 times and oiled 5 to give a very premium feel and look.

All sold wood comes from certified sustainable woods and are in the absolute highest quality available.

As the cabinets are produced in-house there are many options for customization if the customer should wish a different type of wood than normal available. However this of course come with increased lead time and premiums.


All PEAK speakers use imitated leather on front. This is improves diffraction and improves the loudspeakers ability to completely vanish in the imaging. The use of real lether would not be possible as there are imperfections and it does not handle UV very well.


Cabinets for the Serinity Line

The cabinets for this line are the most extreme PEAK crafts. They have no audible resonances in audible spectrum. This is an outstanding achievement for cabinets in this size. This translates to superior sound quality as the sound becomes less colored and distorted.

"These cabinets define inert, with the woofers, each midrange driver and the tweeter all having its own individual cabinet made from 1.5 – inch to 3 inch thick HDF board covered by another inch of solid acrylic, with additional resonance supressors milled into the cabinetry. If that weren’t enough, there are no parallel surfaces to be found anywhere with these enclosures."

Review of the Kepheus by ToneAudio

"Clearly, its build and parts qualities are high, but to really appreciate the Diablo's workmanship and exquisite finish—and its price—you need to see it close up and run your hands across the stunning woodwork. Photos just don't do it justice."

Review of the El Diablo by Michael Fremer and Stereophile