The Crossover

Four our crossover we have always used the best possible components. Especially so in the Serinity Line. At this stage one component can cost thousands of dollars. But we developed our own components to superceed theses expesive exotic components. And they are now being build by our selves in-house.

Please just look at the crossover for the Dragon in the photos below. Each component is shielded in its own box creating a crossover that is almost 2 meters wide.

I all of our crossovers no soldering is used in the signal path. It is hardwired and soldering is only used as a locking mechanism.


The internal filtering is custom made for our speakers.


PEAK Liniear Impedance Correction

With this correction of the impedance, almost any amplifier can driver the speakers. But more importantly, it can make the amplifier perform at its absolute best.

"But most important, and perhaps because of that high crossover frequency, instrumental harmonic structures, and especially the human voice, were exceptionally lifelike and coherent. I can't think of a loudspeaker that better reproduces instrumental and vocal touches and textures. I could consistently rely on the Diablos to provide long evenings' worth of entertainment without producing boredom or fatigue. They always invited me in and never pushed me away."

Review of the El Diablo by Michael Fremer and Stereophile.