Dragon Legend MkII

The Dragon Legend is the ultimate flagship speaker being the greatest and most sophisticated Peak speaker ever developed.

The Dragon Legend has a superior presence in size and esthetics. The exceptional Danish design elegance and craftsmanship, merging classical woodwork traditions with contemporary piano finish.

Each speaker consists of two 13” hybrid sandwich bass woofers, two 6” mid ranges, and a 26 mm silk soft dome tweeter as this principle grants the best transient response and the most natural sound positioned in MTM configuration (Bass - Mid - Tweeter - Mid - Bass). Drivers are time aligned and constructed to produce a wide dispersion pattern.


Every Dragon Legend is crafted to the demands and desires of the privileged customer, please contact us for options and further information of this unique speaker system.

Drive units

Each speaker houses two 13” hybrid sandwich bass woofers, two 6” mid ranges, and a 1” silk dome tweeter in a MTM configuration (Bass - Mid - Tweeter - Mid - Bass).  They are time aligned and designed to produce a wide dispersion pattern.


All drive units are built in Denmark by the most skilled craftsmen. They are all designed uniquely for the Dragon Legend mkII.



The cabinets for all Peak speakers are produced in house in our own artisan’s workshop. This supreme craftmanship is the DNA of Peak speakers originating from the outstanding Danish furniture tradition.

There are two main criteria for our cabinets:The first is a construction that eliminates all resonances. In contrast to a musical instrument, where the resonance of the corpus defines the beautiful sound, a speaker cabinet must not have a sound itself.



The crossovers for this speaker are handmade by Kristoffersen himself, using the absolute best capacitors, resistors, inductors and wiring. For the Serinity Line and the Dragon Legend MkII in particular, a vast amount of in-house build components are used. These are all shielded from all other components.


The crossover in this speaker is beyond anything else. The weight alone is xx kg. The crossover itself is not even that complex, but the sheer weight and extreme construction of every single component in the setup, just makes it unbelievable.

Binding Posts

At Peak we cannot imagine anything worse than a signal path filled with brass, solder and other things that are cheap to build, but degrades the sound quality. We prefer not to take any short cuts, but do it the hard, expensive and superior way.


The Dragon Legend MkII is Bi-Wire design.


Serinity Feet

The feet are specially custom made in Denmark. They have better decoupling than spikes, but are easy on any floor type, as it is no spike. The special feet encapsulate a ball on which the entire weight of the speaker rests. Depending on the weight of the speaker the ball is made of different types of steel or either a ceramic material.


Sound wise these feet are much improved over the traditional spikes giver more powerful bass and clarity.


"...the Dragon Legends have truly captivated my soul and they will likely not leave my audio room. I just have tostart saving up, may be I’ll forgo my retirement savings. There will likely be no other speaker review coming from
me for the next foreseeable future because frankly, I do not see myself

falling in love with anotherpair of speakers within the high end audio horizon."

Technical specifications

Design:                                3-way ported in MTM configuration

Crossover Freq.:                 140 Hz / 2.550 Hz

Frequency range:               15 – 30.000 Hz +/-3 dB

Sensitivity:                           94 dB @ 1 w. / 1 m.

Impedance:                         5 Ohm linear +/- 1 Ohm down to 30 Hz, PLIC system

Dimensions (H X W X D):   188 x 41 x 75 cm. 382 kg each