The Drive Units

Naturally the PEAK drive units features a wealth of advanced technologies, materials and sophisticated designs. But it always comes down to this; a loudspeaker should not have a sound at all and should ONLY reproduce the sound that flows through it without adding or losing anything. The PEAK tweeter do that better than any other we know of!


The Tweeters

All PEAK speaker systems include a 26 mm silk soft dome tweeter of the highest possible quality. In order to achieve this quality, these tweeters are handmade in Denmark by the best craftsmen to the highest precision.

Special high lights are the following technologies:

  • A large roll surround and textile dome diaphragm provides a flat frequency response to above 30KHz with outstanding off-axis dispersion.

  • The unique magnet system consists of 6 neodymium magnets in a certain configuration that is far superior to the performance of traditional motors.

  • A special rear chamber that results in elimination of reflections and resonances

  • Each tweeter is matched in pairs within 0,1 dB


In the Serinity Line the tweeters takes this to another level:

  • Each tweeter is matched to an unprecedented 0,05 dB!

  • The rear chambers increased size further dampens resonances. And behind the ventilation of the tweeter is a piece of special wood that completely eliminates any resonance that might be left.  




The mid and bass drivers


All drive units at PEAK are tailor made to fit the acoustics of each specific model 100%. This is very rare now a days as most manufactures order drive units out of a brochure. The drivers are extremely fast and move without any dynamic compression due to the mechanical construction and rear ventilation. These drive units are all build by hand in Denmark.


Special high lights are the following technologies:

  • One piece molded sandwich cone which has very few breakups and the ideal stiffness, damping. Resulting in an outstanding drive unit to achieve our goals.

  • Flow optimized die cast basket with and internal magnet systems, that makes the drive unit start and stop much faster.

  • Kapton voice coil former with aluminum wire and hexacoil winding techniche. This make the motor much light than traditional units and it can easier get rid of heat.


In the Serinity Line the tweeters takes this to another level:

  • Some drive units use a combination of Kapton and aluminum voice coil to achieve extraordinary result in performance.

  • Almost unlimited power handling due to the extreme construction.


The benefits from PEAK drive units are:

  • Ideal sound characteristics

  • Balanced and smooth frequency spectrum with no coloration

  • Extremely low distortion

  • Superb impulse response and dynamics

  • Zero-compression reproduction,

  • Very even sound dispersion characteristics

  • Absolute precision at high and low volume

  • Genuine and natural reproduction of the original source


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