Empress X

Peak Consult Perspective for The Empress X

In the jungle of consumer and so-called High-End loudspeakers, there are some brands actually reaching for these higher goals. Peak Consult is one of them, but how is that done? 

Countless hours of measurement and critical listening by many audiophile ears have gone into making The Empress X. An impedance curve and electrical phase character like an electrostatic speaker, the final blend of art and technology have made The Empress an uncompromising work of art. The Empress is a true State of Art Loudspeaker. 


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The multifaceted enclosure is handcrafted in our own facilities by Danish artisans in a 1.5"- 3.0" HDF specially glued sandwich material covered by 0,75" solid wood or acrylic. The side panels have been made out of "finger tapped" wood and/or pure acrylic. Each wood panel has been hand-chosen and assembled by Danish artisans. 

The design optimises the off-axis response and avoids diffraction. In order to minimize acoustical waves, there are no parallel front, back, top or bottom panels. The slant of the front panel aligns the phase and timing between tweeter, midrange and woofer. 


The tweeter is a 1" soft dome. It features a multiple camber with low compression and a machined aluminium faceplate. Peak Consult has altered the front plate in a very different way to have a perfect behaviour that makes it to the extreme.  


The 5" Audio Technology midrange are hand-built specifically for optimal behaviour in the Empress enclosure. The driver features a cone that has been uniquely shaped for this moving system and a vented magnet system that includes Symmetric Drive, optimising the linear directivity. It performs with matchless sound staging ability and an imaging tight and sharp as a Diamond. The Midrange sets new standards to midrange behaviour. 

The 9" Audio Technology woofer are hand-built and specifically designed for The Empress. Using very special technology in the moving systems makes it a very low-loss driver. The huge magnets and ventilation that includes Symmetric Drive system makes the driver reproduce very tight and extremely low frequencies - second to none. This driver sets new standards to bass reproduction. 



High frequencies: 
The Empress includes an acoustical fully compensated second order crossover in the tweeter/midrange section and it have been isolated from the moving system in it´s own dual sealed department. 
The low frequency includes very large foiled inductors. The low frequencies have also been altered by our straight level impedance and phase control. All sealed in its own isolated compartment. 


The name?

The Empress boasts an extremely linear frequency response, on-axis as well as of-axis. This makes it a very accurate loudspeaker in a "real world" environment. The name says it all; the speaker performs and looks like the most beautiful Empress. "Nothing given and nothing taken, just pure music."

Peak Consult Empress X

Technical specifications

Design:                                3-way ported.

Crossover Freq.:                 250 Hz. / 3.450 Hz.

Frequency range:               30 – 30.000 Hz.

Sensitivity:                           89 dB @ 1 w. / 1 m.

Impedance:                         5 ohm +/- 1 ohm, PLIC (peak Linear impedance control).

Dimensions (H X W X D):   115 X 29 X 38 cm. 80 kg.