Speakers, super high-end. Heracles Serenity Momentum from Peak Consult, with e.g. CAST crossover filter components from Duelund.

Design:                                2-way ported
Crossover Frequency:        3.100 Hz.
Frequency Range:             35 – 30,000 Hz +/- 3 dB
Sensitivity:                          90 dB @ 1W/1m.
Impedance:                        5 ohm Linear Down to 35 Hz +/- 2 ohm.
Dimensions: (Hx WxD):     128 X 27 X 53 cm
Weight:                               102 kg each

Recommended room size: From 12 m2

The speaker is built up around a Morel tweeter, modified at the factory with another front panel and with a different paint than normal. Two accompanying 5” Audio Technology base units. The peak Consult crossover filter is based on Duelund components of various types, e.g. capsulated spools for the midrange. The cabinet is made so each woofer/mid range unit has its own 13 litre chamber to work in, and the tweeter sits in its own chamber. The stand, just like the speaker, is divided into three chambers, the two highest of which are filled with sand, and the two lowest house the crossover filter. Inside, Duelund silver cables have been used to connect the units, and are connected to the amplifier with WBT terminals.


The sides are clad with black acrylic panels that have been polished at the factory.