Lifetime Warranty

The products PEAK offer to you as a customer is of very high quality. Therefor we can allow to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all products being sold from PEAK of 1st June 2020. That means products sold from the factory before that date is not included in this program.

This Lifetime Warranty is limited in the following ways:


The lifetime of a speaker is considered to be at least 15 years. Meaning if a product gets faulty, and it can be traced back to being a fault from the manufactures side a new spare part will be supplied to fix the problem. The distributor of your country will then replace the part or component.


Please be aware of the following:

  • You have to register your product within 2 months after purchase

  • The Lifetime warranty is only given to first owner/purchaser of the product. When sold second hand the lifetime warranty is no longer valid.

  • The warranty only covers malfunctions that can traced back to the manufacturer. It does not cover drivers or components that are misused or from fault of the user.

  • Traces of normal use like scratches and normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

  • In the event that a spare part is no longer available a alternative spare part will be offered or in extreme cases an offer to buy a new speaker at a reduced price. This means trading in the old product.