The Peak Sound Experience

When you listen to a pair of Peak loudspeakers, you will experience something very rare.


A presence of live music in your room.

Standing outside a concert hall, you may be able to hear that it is a real live band inside that is playing. You do not hear the imaging, or every single detail. What makes this sound so real? Is it the timing? The headroom? It is difficult to say. But you just sense that it is live. And not play back.


This is the same experience you get with Peak loudspeakers. You sense that the music is there in the room with you. It is a truly fascinating and unforgettable experience. It is almost like magic.


All the HiFI parameter is on a very high level at the same time. Some of the terms people use are:

  • Amazing headroom

  • Micro and macro dynamics in spades

  • Every single detail is portrayed, but with no fatigue at all

  • Correct phase and timing

  • Natural musical performance

  • Almost unlimited power handling

  • Unique transparency and imaging

  • Ability to play any form of music. No limitations.


This is all achieved in perfect harmony of all the components. Every single component or part in a PEAK speaker is spectacular in its own right. But it is not the single ingredients that gives this experience. Rather it is the entire experience and craftsmanship, founded by Per Kristoffersen, that makes all of this come alive.


When it all comes together it is an experience that involves your sense. You can rest and relax knowing that you have arrived at the truth of the music.


This will end your search. The Peak experience is what you have been looking for.

“In summary, these speakers can do it all. They have exceptional sound staging and imaging, they totally disappear, have phenomenal power, mass and energy, are very coherent, very evenly balanced, and can play all types of music, including small scale music. In short, these speakers are, overall, and by a very wide margin, the best loudspeakers I have ever heard.". 

Review of the Dragon Legend MkII by